All 78s come in sleeves and are 10" unless noted
All records have been play graded major defects are noted that affect play  
Please note
$1.00 78s have been sight graded only. 
No shipping discount for international orders on $1.00 records.    

The 78s For Sale document contains all 78s except for the $1 records and 78 albums. The same records are available at my Ebay store, except here they are arranged alphabetically by artist.

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M-  Perfect copy we seldom use this grade
E+  A choice copy with no wear whatsoever
E     Excellent only minimal traces of use
E-   Above average record with only a slight degree of groove wear
V+  Noticeable graying in the grooves
V    Very well worn expect surface noise to be significant
V-   Poor condition only the very rarest would be of any interest

Extra pluses and minuses are used to more accurately describe records


Excellent +
Close to new

Minor wear

Very Good
Moderate wear

Moderate to Heavy wear

Heavy Wear


CR     Crack
CS      Cloudy surface
DJ      Disc jocky copy
COE   Chip on edge
GR     Grainy
LBL    Label
LAM   Lamination crack
NAP   Not affect play
ND     Needle drop
NR     Needle run
RAS   Rough area swishes
RS     Rough start
SCF    Scuff
SCR   Scratch
SF      Spindle flake
SOL   Sticker on label
SS      Single-sided
TOL   Tape on label
TRL    Tear on label
VE      Victor Electric
WOL  Writing on label
WRP  Warp 


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